Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Birthing Gift

I may or may not have had my husband break one of the ten commandments today so I could get this....
To provide further clarification, Nathan did not kill, steal, or lie in order for me to have an iPhone.
Finally! An iPhone for me (and Eliza)! I have joined the ranks of the civilized world.

Friday afternoon, my phone ran out of battery power an hour or so before we left the hospital. As soon as we arrived home, I plugged in the phone so it could charge. The babies have been pretty popular the past few days, and I knew my parents, sister, and grandmother were expecting consistent Elliott and Ezra updates. Additionally, I feel weird without my phone. It was just a simple flip phone, but I set my alarms on it and enjoyed texting friends (especially while staying at the hospital). My phone is a kind of security blanket, which may sound ridiculous to some.

So, when I told Nathan this morning that I could no longer go without a nursing bra, I was thrilled that he offered to get me not only a bra, but a phone as well. Our local Walmart does not carry nursing bras and the closest available store that sells them is an hour away.  Additionally, there are no Verizon stores anywhere nearby; they are also in the city an hour away. Because of the distance involved, it made sense to take care of both errands at the same time.  Furthermore, if Nathan didn't go today, I would have had to wait until next Saturday to get the bra and phone due to a number of appointments and Nathan's work schedule (he works full-time from home). (Yes, this is me justifying breaking the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy. I did need the bra, though).

Nathan called the Verizon store to go over some details and make sure they were open today. He knows I have been wanting a white iPhone, and I heard him asking whether or not those specific phones were in stock. The salesperson let Nathan know that a white iPhone may not be available. I was a little disappointed, but decided it really wasn't that big of a deal.  I was expecting Nathan to say something like, "Ok. I guess a black phone would be fine."

To my surprise (and amusement), Nathan said,"Well, my wife just had two babies this week. So, she has all sorts of crazy hormones right now, and I really don't want to let her down. I know she wants a white iPhone, so if you don't have it, we'll just wait or find another store."

He ended up driving a little bit further to a neighboring city and getting my phone.

Nathan is my best friend, and I am so glad he understands me. He told me I deserved a small gift after having two babies this week (Small gift? It feels like Christmas!).  Taking the materialism out of this scenario (me being the materialistic one obviously), the fact that Nathan would go out of his way in order to make me truly happy is the best feeling ever.  Acts of service (and especially gifts that are thoughtful like this) are definitely my love language.

So friends, feel free to text and/or call me! I'd love to have some numbers in my lonely little iPhone.
Can you tell that I'm happy?


  1. Yes!!! Nathan, you are definitely an amazing husband and make me cry at how much you do for your wife and family. So my favorite part about you having an iPhone is that now we can text each other for FREE because of the iMessage app which allows iOS 5 users to text for free. This will will cut my bill down tremendously. :)

  2. Yes of COURSE you need a nursing bra, no matter how far you have to drive. I'm surprised you've been suffering this long, poor thing. Those girls need some support!! I bet you guys can't wait until a Target and a mall is 5 min. away! Oh Othello... Nathan is a great husband! You deserve an iPhone! Sometimes things like that can really make your day. It helps to cheer you up and give you something that's just yours to have fun with when everything is crazy. Love you!!! And I'm sorry I thought your computer was hacked. I'm a crazypants!!!

  3. You have been wanting a white iPhone FOREVER! Glad your dream finally came true!

  4. What a sweet, sweet man. It sounds like you have an amazing relationship!!!

  5. Um Nathan is AMAZING! You SO deserve that and more! Thanks for blogging i super appreciate reading about your life :) Your babies are adorable and so is Eliza!

  6. Yea! What a nice surprise. The camera and video on those is awesome. I'm addicted to Instagram-if you get that app let me know-I'd love the pics of your cute kids:)

  7. Nice work, Nathan. An iPhone is a pittance for birthing two babies, but you get what you can! ;)


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