Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ruby Turns Three

The only thing nearly as fun as your own birthday is the birthday party of your best friend. Eliza's best friend, Ruby, turned three today. To celebrate, Becca and Kyle took Ruby's friends to Build-a-Bear. It was the best idea ever! Landon, Eliza, and Ruby were fascinated by the Build-a-Bear demonstration and were then thrilled to select their own animals to stuff, bathe, and dress. Eliza particularly enjoyed putting the heart into her bear.

Ruby chose an adorable Hello Kitty, Landon chose an elephant (because he loves Dumbo), and Eliza insisted on selecting a white Teddy Bear. I thought for sure that she would pick a My Little Pony or something similar, but she chose a surprisingly traditional stuffed animal. She named the bear Cinderlla-Pie. Seriously. I love her ideas!

Afterwards, we went back to Ruby's house for some cake and ice cream with her grandparents.

Happy Birthday, Ruby! We love you! And Eliza says thank you for her Cinderella-Pie!

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