Friday, September 13, 2013

Ballet for Eliza and Ruby

Eliza and Ruby started ballet classes this month. Eliza attended a "Princess Camp" this summer at Charisma Studio in Springville, and we were really impressed with the instructors and the excellent customer service. The little girls did princess themed crafts, practiced some basic ballet skills, learned some dances, and dressed up like various princesses. Obviously, it was perfect for Eliza. We decided to go back to Charisma for her actual ballet classes.

Eliza and Ruby are in Miss Shay's class, and they love it so far! They love wearing the tights, leotards, and tutus. Shay plays all sorts of songs from Tangled and Cinderella, so it is basically heaven. It's been a fun activity for them to do together, and it's nice for Becca and I to get out of the house.

They are just too cute. I'm already excited for their first recital.

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  1. They are such cute little ballerinas! And I love that they are such cute best friends.


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