Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm So Glad We Live in Utah

I never thought I would love living in Utah.

But I do.

I absolutely love it.

I love having my best friend next door, I love having other dear friends close by, I love that Eliza has wonderful friends who adore her, I love our church, I love our parks, I love walking to the library, I love all the great food, and there hasn't been a day since we have moved here that I haven't loved this view:

I never planned on raising a family here or even living in Utah after college. In fact, Nathan and I had these great plans to move to Portland and were only weeks away when we changed Nathan had a change of heart.

I'm so glad Nathan felt like we needed to come back to Utah. I'm grateful that God's plans are always right. Although I cried and cried when I realized our plans were changing, I know that what the Lord wanted for us happened. We're glad to be here, and I hope we don't leave anytime soon.

(That being said, we still miss our Othello and South Carolina friends and family. I wish there was a way to merge all of my favorite places.)


  1. I'm glad we live here too, though I'm still working on the loving it part.

  2. Gorgeous view! I'm so glad you love where you live. It sounds awesome!


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