Sunday, May 5, 2013

First (Real) Words

Ezra and Elliott jabber all the time. They are constantly talking and going off on these rants that Nathan and I cannot understand. We both agree that these vocal outbursts remind us of Joe Pesci in Home Alone when he is muttering incoherent phrases after being beaten up by Kevin McCallister. I hope that gives you a clear representation of what we are dealing with :)

Two words are very defined, though: Mama and Dada. Ezra and Elliott have been saying those two words for months, but we haven't really heard another clear word other than that.

Today, on our way to Charleston, both boys spoke a new word! Ezra said "dog" (with a Southern accent much to Nathan's dismay), and Elliott said "cracker" perfectly clear. It was pretty amazing that they each said a new word on the same day.

Ezra has been obsessed with dogs since we got to South Carolina. My grandmother has a tiny poodle, my brother has a dog, and my cousins have dogs. So, he has been exposed to these furry animals for the first real time, and he is absolutely captivated by them. It's no real surprise that he happened to shout, "Dog!"
Nathan insists that this does not mean we are getting a dog anytime soon. I agree.

In other news, check out these gorgeous homes from our drive. They are in Cheraw, South Carolina (a tiny town of less than 6,000 people) and date back to the Revolutionary War. I have loved them my whole life and decided they were worth a tiny detour to show Nathan. History is pretty wonderful.

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