Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eliza and Ruby Conversations

Eliza and Ruby are darling together. Fortunately for us, Ruby lives a minute's walk away and we can have her over nearly anytime we want. Eliza's first words in the morning are usually: "Where is my Ruby?" I love it.

Today, they have had the best conversations to date. As they were coloring at the kitchen table, this is what I heard:

Eliza: "I love you, Ruby."
Ruby: "I love you too, Liza. I love your mommy, too."
Eliza: "I love my mommy. She gives us snacks and popcorn!
Ruby: "And chocolate milk."
Eliza: "I love your mommy, too. She let's us play with chalk."
Ruby: "And she painted my nails."
Eliza: "Oh yes. That too!"
Ruby: "I love my daddy."
Eliza: "I love your daddy too, and I love my daddy."
Ruby: "I love Nathan. He is so silly!"

A minute went by, and Eliza inspected Ruby's coloring.

Eliza: "Ruby, when I was little and your age, I used to scribble. Don't worry. You will get better!"
Ruby: "You draw so pretty, Eliza! You color in the lines!!"

I'm glad Eliza is able to play with her friend most days. It makes all of us happier :)


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