Friday, May 3, 2013

First Few Days in South Carolina

There's a song about South Carolina that says, "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning." After being home for a couple of days, I agree.

We have been at my dad's house the past few nights, and he and my grandmother have absolutely loved being around their grandchildren (and Nathan and me). My grandma met us with a smile on her face and a box full of my old toys for Eliza. I nearly cried (well, I did cry) when she opened the lid to the box and there sat my precious Quints Dolls. I've always called them my Quincy Dolls and that is what Eliza immediately started calling them. It was pretty great.

Grandma also unearthed a pair of sunglasses circa 1989 that belonged to my brother Hudson. Ezra was fascinated with them and couldn't stop putting them on and taking them on. Sadly, they didn't last too long at the hands of our 17 month old, but at least they got to live again, right?

My dad has a huge backyard and the kids and their cousins loved running around in the water and splashing in puddles. I love how easily entertained they are once they are outside. 

Everything made them happy in the warm outdoor weather--especially playing with a giant pink ball and Uncle Hudson.
Eliza and Robert have already become best buds. They have shared iPad games, discussed their favorite movies, and watched Wreck-it-Ralph three times together already.

 As for Nathan and I, we are enjoying being around loved ones. My grandmother also had a surprise for me as well: one of her legendary chocolate cakes.
I may or may not have eaten 4 slices in one day. I'm on vacation, so I am going to use that as a valid excuse. We also have enjoyed my dad's 3D television. He insisted that we watch Avatar, or as my grandmother calls it: "The crazy movie where they have tails," and we loved it. We couldn't make it through the movie when we tried watching it a couple of years ago, so I was pretty surprised that I liked it so much. The 3D really made the movie.
I'm with my sister again, sleeping in my childhood home, and eating good Southern food. There's much to be happy about. 

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  1. That chocolate cake looks AMAZING!!!! I would definitely eat at least that many slices.


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