Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beach Bums

Eliza couldn't wait to get to the beach. Once she heard we were going to South Carolina, all she could talk about was playing in the sand and seeing the ocean. Once we finally got to Folly Beach in Charleston, she was one happy little girl.

Ezra and Elliott were apprehensive of the sand and the water and mostly demanded to be held.

 I forgot my sunglasses and had to borrow a pair my sister randomly had in her car. My eyes are ultra photosensitive, so being outside without any eye protection was painful.
Even after my sister got me the sunglasses, I was unable to fully open my eyes. Yes, I know. I am a vampire. My family has joked about this fact for years because me hating the sunlight is nothing new. Thankfully, my sister brought along this awesome shade for me to enjoy...because she loves me and knows me so well.
I spent my time enjoying the sounds of the ocean and digging in the sand, looking for shark's teeth (because I am still my 12 year old self at heart). Sure enough, I found a tooth after five minutes of sand sifting. Take that, Nathan!
Ezra and Elliott eventually warmed up to the idea of playing in the sand and watched Eliza and Nathan build a castle.

Jacob and Robert refused to get out of the water and proved they are definitely my sister's children.

The day was a success, and I was glad the boys finally got to put their toes in the Atlantic Ocean. I think I am convincing Nathan that South Carolina really does have the best beaches.

And "the most interesting person on the beach that day" award goes to....
Check out those rims.


  1. What a fun family day. I'm sorry the boys were not so happy in the beginning. It's hard to be little and afraid of stuff. The guy on the bike looks like he's ready for some serious biking. It's amazing what people come up with.

  2. Cute pictures of all those sweet babies on the beach. Glad you got to experience that with the kids. And isn't that just Nathan wearing a wig? Haha!


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