Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Due to all of our traveling the past month, I have been pretty bad about blogging. I realize I failed to mention the arrival of my sister's baby earlier this month.

A big reason we decided to come to South Carolina in April was that I wanted to be there for the delivery of my niece, Aubrey Joyce. She was due on April 17th, and we planned on being here around April 10th or so. I thought we would make it in time for the big day.

Silly me. I should have known one can never plan on when a baby will come. On April 7th, I was texting Marian like any normal day. She was running some errands, and I was telling her about our minivan search. We were talking about how awkward it is to nurse in a McDonald's PlayPlace when she suddenly texted, "My water just broke in Walmart."

I was a bit disappointed that I was not going to be there, but I was excited for Marian. I texted my mom and my sister (whose niece had taken over her phone to send us updates) throughout the afternoon and night.

Several hours later, I got THE text message from my mom, announcing the arrival of the baby. I read the text, and then read it again. And again.

All I could say (and text) was, "WHAT?!

I then had to text Marian for confirmation. Surely, my mother was mistaken.

That's right. Marian had a boy. After months of being told she was going to have a girl, a perfect little boy arrived. The reason why this was really shocking was that Marian had received at least 5 or 6 ultrasounds (including a 3D ultrasound) due to some complications. Each ultrasound confirmed the "fact" that my sister was carrying a girl.

Well, apparently ultrasounds fail--just like when an ultrasound told Nathan and me that we were expecting one (not two) babies. 

Marian was surprised, of course, but overjoyed to have another healthy son. However, she was definitely unprepared for a little boy. She had given away all of her boy clothes and had received tons of pink presents for the (now) nonexistent Aubrey. Her biggest challenge, though, was picking out a name.

It took her four long days to decide on a name: Jacob Brennan.

He sure is cute. And we're glad HE is here.


  1. Holy Crap! That's exciting and so crazy. One of my biggest fears while pregnant was that I was told I was having a girl and then would end up having a boy with a bunch of girl things. I love the name. He's so cute!

  2. Wow, that is crazy. And I had the same fear as Jenny. I needed to know 100% what my baby was going to be, and then would still be slightly worried that they were wrong. I would hate to be totally unprepared. I'm so glad that she had a healthy baby though. He's adorable.


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