Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Quick Warning to Eliza's Future Spouse

Apparently, Eliza is an aggressive driver. And a tad bit vindictive.

Her cousin, Robert, has an awesome Power Wheels truck. It has everything from padded seats and shiny rims to a functional FM radio. Eliza was fascinated by the toy car and watched jealously as her cousin expertly drove it around the backyard.

Soon, it was Eliza's turn to drive the truck. She was a natural and learned quickly how to apply the gas, back the car up, and steer. Robert was happy to be the passenger for a little while, but soon grew disinterested in merely riding around and got out of the vehicle.

Eliza then went joy riding on her own, and I could see her happily smiling as she drove around in circles. I went to feed the babies and suddenly heard my sister yelling and saw her running towards the Power Wheels truck.

Eliza had backed over Robert. He was completely underneath the miniature car. He wasn't hurt at all, but he was definitely shaken up from the ordeal. Apparently, Robert had approached the car, telling Eliza it was his turn. I don't think she intentionally put the car into reverse and wheeled him over, but she was certainly trying to get away from him and keep the car to herself!

Needless to say, Eliza's driving privileges were temporarily revoked.
At least I have another 14 years before I have to deal with her actually driving a real car.


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