Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Bottle Fairy

Last weekend, the (seemingly) impossible happened....Eliza willingly parted with her beloved bottle.

For over a year, Nathan and I have encouraged, begged, bargained, and pleaded with Eliza to give up her bottle. We managed to get her down to only one a day, but we could not convince her to change her nightly routine. She used it as a kind of security blanket to fall asleep and would cry and refuse to get into bed without her glass bottle. Yes, it had to be glass. She is a milk connoisseur; she likes her milk cold.

Once we were back from South Carolina, we decided it really was time for Eliza to kick the habit. Nathan, being the genius that he is, came up with an excellent idea. As he was putting her to bed, he told her that her bottle was needed by other little babies and that it would be her last night to have a bottle before bed. In the morning, he told her, they would go to the mailbox and put the bottle inside. The Bottle Fairy would come and leave a present in exchange for Eliza's generous donation.

Eliza was excited! I could hardly believe it when she she asked questions about the fairy rather than crying. She proudly told me she was going to be "a big girl" and give her bottle away. It seemed almost too easy.

Eliza went to bed and remembered about the mailbox first thing in the morning. Nathan and her walked to the mailbox and placed the bottle inside. Eliza wasn't sad at all as they walked away.

A few hours later, she ran to the mailbox with her Princess bag in order to gather her loot.

Much to her delight, the fairy had left fruit snacks and a bunch of "big girl drinks" aka Caprisuns. 

Sipping from a straw? How novel!
Eliza was so happy and proud of herself. 

The real test was that night, though. Sure, she had happily given away her bottle, but would she regret it that first night without one? The answer, surprisingly, was no. She went to bed just fine and kept reassuring Nathan and I that she didn't need milk because she is a princess and not a baby. 

As it turns out, it seems as though Nathan and I relied on the bottle more than Eliza.


  1. That's awesome! Yay Eliza! I've heard of people doing the binkie fairy or diaper fairy, but I didn't even think of this for a bottle when you guys have talked about it. She is such a smart little girl. Or "big girl." :)

  2. We are going to have to do something like this for Henry's binkie. Maybe I can convince him he is a pirate and not a baby since princess won't really work.

    And I tried to comment on your ET post but it wouldn't let me so I will post it here:
    I am terrified of ET and refuse to ever see it again. I applaud your bravery. Elliot was on our list too but I just couldn't do it.

  3. I love the bottle fairy idea!! She's such a big girl. Love her smile.


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