Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flower Child(ren)

Eliza and her cousin Ellie love to dress up. Usually, they raid the pile of princess gowns and end up looking like a miniature Cinderella and Belle. Last weekend, though, they tried on various outfits and ultimately resembled a couple of free-spirited, hippie children.
I loved it.

This needs to be an album cover or something.


  1. Ellie looks so serious in all of these pictures. What's up with that? Hahaha. They are both so pretty!

  2. I seriously love it. Can eliza come live with me? Or maybe i'll just pay you to make me a pretty baby like her and you can give her to me. K? Thanks

  3. Gorgeous!! Would it be weird if I stole that last picture and edited it? I'm not a nut, I promise! ;) And I'll give it to you after!

    1. Edit away, please! :) I gladly accept!


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