Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dramatic Irony

Definition: Dramatic irony is when the words and actions of the characters of a work of literature have a different meaning for the reader than they do for the characters. This is the result of the reader having a greater knowledge than the characters themselves.

A fine example of dramatic irony (in my opinion): 

A year ago today, I took a pregnancy test before I left for work. It was three days earlier than the early pregnancy test recommended, but I couldn't wait another day. I was mildly surprised when a faint blue line showed up almost immediately. Because I wasn't sure about the results of the test, I didn't wake Nathan up before I went in to work. The line was that faint. Instead, I left the test out for him to see. An hour or so later, he sent me a message, saying that he was also unsure if the test was absolutely positive. We were really excited about the possibility of pregnancy, though. (Looking back, I realize the test was positive so early due to the extreme about of hormones associated with a twin pregnancy).

I was trying to remember the details of our conversation and decided to look at our chat history on Gmail. I couldn't help but smile when I read this:

Nathan: anywho, I had a dream you were pregnant with twins last night, so this pregnancy thing must be true!
9:53 AM really though, my dream of twins was pretty cool. i wouldn't mind 'em. :)
  as many as can come in one more delivery, bring it on. because that's all the chance we're giving it. haha
9:54 AM (and I say that meaning a scale of one to two)

With the knowledge we have today (that yes, I was, in fact, pregnant with twins), this conversation was pretty hilarious to read. Twins seemed "cool" because it was such an impossibility. And due to my hyperemesis (extreme all day sickness) with Eliza, we always joked that we should have as many kids as possible at once in order to get the pregnancy part over with. We wanted more than two children, but didn't know if I could handle being so sick two or three more times. Well, we certainly got what we asked for!

 I love how things worked out so perfectly. We are incredibly blessed to have been given two babies at once.

(I thought long and hard before I actually decided this could be an example of dramatic irony. So, if in your mind, this is not dramatic irony--I am sorry. And so is my English degree.)


  1. A little while ago a friend who has been on Clomid to get pregnant had a very pos HPT a few days before missing her period. She said she wondered if that meant it was twins (she knows she released 2 eggs, so there is a chance!) and I was so glad I'd read your post earlier today to tell her about your "in retrospect" experience! Thanks!

  2. Remember how Rex muscle tested that I was pregnant a month before I found out I was pregnant? Yeah, that was crazy. I'm so glad you had two babies. It's double the cuteness!


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