Friday, April 20, 2012

Cross Country Snapshots

Our trip, thus far, according to my iPhone:

We headed to Utah and soon realized both of the boys were teething. 
Fortunately (for us), Ezra and Elliott didn't complain much and have proven they can successfully sleep anywhere. We attempted to stick to our schedule as much as possible, and the boys were incredibly well-behaved at the hotels and in the car.

We did our best to entertain Eliza in the car and at the various hotels. She enjoyed watching Little Mermaid countless times in the van, wearing sunglasses, taking pictures with mom, and playing with her brothers. By the time we got to South Carolina, she was more than ready to be done with our trip. 
Eliza's favorite stop (by far) was Provo. She enjoyed playing with friends and developed a particular fondness for sidewalk chalk. She has made several requests to play with sidewalk chalk since we arrived in Columbia. She will be disappointed once she realizes I cannot draw robots as well as Katy and Becca.
Although the trip was lengthy, it was worth it to see our friends and pick up a great new car.
We've been recovering the last few days (and I still feel exhausted), and we're definitely glad we don't have to go anywhere for the next few weeks.
(Ezra on the left, Elliott on the right. They are so identical these days!)


  1. Looks like quite an adventure! I'm glad you're having fun and that you are enjoying your time......but COME BACK! I miss you! :)

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)


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