Friday, April 27, 2012

Board Game Predictions

This weekend, Nathan and I went to a couple of the local Goodwills. Nathan loves vintage clothing, and I enjoy looking for books, games, puzzles, and other things I don't need.

We found a couple of Disney Princess chairs and a pink Radio Flyer tricycle for Eliza, so the trip was instantly a success. I then wandered back to the board games and found a brand new game of LIFE for only $1.50. Nathan and I have talked about LIFE recently and reminisced fondly over the game and memories of playing it years ago. We've been looking for a used edition for a while, so I was pretty excited to find one in such good condition.

In a rare afternoon moment of all the children sleeping, Nathan and I opened up the game and relived our childhood for a few minutes. I told Nathan how I always wanted to land on the "TWINS!" space anytime I played the game and said for the millionth time that we should always be careful (and insanely happy) about what we wish for.

A few spins into the game, Nathan landed on the "Twins!" spot. We laughed.

A couple of spins later (I was behind him a little), I landed on "Twins!" We laughed again and joked saying, "What are the chances!?" I assured Nathan that the chances of us both landing on the spot were probably lower than actually having twins.

Nathan didn't land on any more children, but I picked up a "It's a Girl!" a few moves later. We laughed that my little blue minivan in the game was full of children--two boys and a girl. It's amusing when reality is mimicked in a game of LIFE.

The correlation to reality ended abruptly when I landed on "It's a Girl,"which was immediately followed by "Adopt Twins!!"

Nathan made sure to point out that our minivan was already full, so there would be no room for another set of twins.

Brilliant observation.

(I'll find room).


  1. That is so funny. I love that game. I laugh so hard every time we play it.

  2. I love that game too. You found some great deals!


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