Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Animals

That post title caught your attention, right? I bet you are hoping to see some baby animals, right? Well, I will not disappoint you!

Last weekend, Nathan and I decided it would be nice to celebrate feeling better and planned to do something fun as a family. We thought Eliza would enjoy seeing the baby chicks and ducks at one of the local stores (and I was dying to see them myself), so we packed up all three kids and headed out.

When we pulled into the parking lot, we saw some cages with lambs and baby goats (I know they are called kids, but it would sound strange to say I saw kids in cages). The kids were allowed to go inside the cages to pet the animals, but I wasn't sure Eliza would be brave enough to actually do it.
 She was hesitant at first....
but then, the goat started running around her legs, acting just like an excited puppy, and she couldn't resist petting him.

Nathan has been saying he wants a pet goat for years now, so maybe it isn't that bad of an idea. They are pretty adorable.

We finally made it inside to see the chicks and the ducks.Eliza wasn't too impressed, but I was in love.

The chicks were the cutest things I have ever seen. 
Nathan also wants a few chickens, and I find myself being more okay with the idea as long as we get them when they are little baby chicks.

I decided it was time to leave, though, when Nathan started asking for a puppy....

This was the first times the boys had been out to somewhere other than the doctor's office or the local Chinese restaurant. It was also the very first time Nathan and I had been out with all three kids at once. It was a pretty momentous occasion for us. I fully expected to be bombarded with questions and comments from random strangers, but no one said a word! Of course, everyone stared at the double stroller, but the baby animals were apparently cuter and more exciting than our human babies.

Now our trip to Costco is an entirely different story that I'll save for later. I guess people had warned me about going out with twins, but it was kind of crazy!


  1. Those baby chicks are adorable! Way to go taking all of the kids out at once. I'm terrified of taking out the one. Haha.

  2. Ok, those are the cutest pictures I've ever seen. Eliza is gorgeous, plus a baby goat?! Can't wait to see you in a couple days.

  3. Okay from the perspective of a vet tech...please do not get a baby goat. Just trust me on this one. Puppies good (I've got 3), chickens even are fine (Doug is excited tbat I've agreed to get some once we get a house) but we will never have a goat or sheep.:-)

  4. I'm very honored that you wrote a blog post specifically for me. I LOVE BABY ANIMALS! THEY'RE SO CUTE!


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