Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things Keeping Me Alive...Literally

First of all, there's Nathan. Poor guy. He has three finals over the next two days and is on full time parenting/nurse duty.
So yes, please meet my new nurse. Today, he went to infusion therapy with me and was trained how to administer my IVs. I'm so happy that he was willing to learn and that I don't have to be at the mercy of some home health care provider to receive my fluids.

We left the infusion center with a week's worth of supplies.
 As it turns out, I will need two liters of fluid every 20-24 hours. Each liter takes a little over an hour to empty, so I expect to be on the couch for many a hour the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately, Eliza is quite smitten with my IV stand.
She also is fascinated with the tubes coming out of mommy's hand. That's right...HAND. The green gauze doesn't help distract her attention.
After three PAINFUL, failed attempts at starting an IV line somewhere else on my arms, the nurse had to settle for a vein in my hand. My right hand actually. This makes everything quite difficult: typing (left handed it is), unscrewing caps, picking up get the idea. Next week, when we have a fresh line inserted, the nurse hopes I am hydrated enough to have a "nice vein." [shudder]

And then there is the Zofran.
Every 12 hours, Nathan is going to administer one of these doses intravenously. Hopefully, this will help with the nausea and allow me to eat (as I am starving).

So, that about sums up what's going on here. I think the frequent rounds of fluid are going to help immensely. Earlier today, I looked like this:
Yep! This is after receiving one bag, too. Oh well, it could always be worse. Right? :) However, I did manage to smile after my second liter of fluid.
See, it's working! I'm feeling like things are going to get much better....for me, at least. I really do feel bad for Nathan. I am pretty much worthless when it comes to helping with anything. He is such a trooper!


  1. Ok I've never even met you in real life but I feel terrible that I'm not there to help out. I'd totally take Eliza to play with my boys. Hopefully you start feeling way better!!


  2. Oh man, you poor thing. I remember seeing my poor sister's fridge and living room full of this stuff, too. I hope your IV doesn't hurt too much. They're so uncomfortable. :( A new sweet, juicy vein might help. ;)

  3. First of all, Ty totally approves of Nathan's beard. In his words, "Not too shabby." I find that a little bit funny. :) Though it's a huge bummer that you have to deal with these IV treatments, I'm so glad that you are getting the help you need. Hopefully after a few days (or a week) of this you'll feel much better. At least I hope so. Love you!


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