Monday, June 13, 2011

New Ultrasound Photo

Yes, I know. Ultrasound pictures are lame. Fuzzy little bits of something that someone says is something that the parents show to other people who say "wow what an amazing thingy."

They're kinda like dreams. When someone says "oh man I had the craziest dream last night" you KNOW how hard it is to keep from rolling your eyes and saying "I really don't care." Sure, it's exciting and wonderful to the person who HAD the dream. . . but. . . you didn't have the dream.

Well. I assure you. This ultrasound will shock even you. It's a fascinating peak at what twins go through in utero.


  1. I love this. Just wait until they start moving and you can FEEL them smacking each other like that.

  2. Dang it. I totally wanted to actually see an ultrasound. We had them every other week, so I'm really good at reading them!

  3. Haha! Nathan, your Photoshop skills amaze me!


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