Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recurrent Thoughts

My thoughts the last 48 hours:

We're having twins. We're having TWINS!

We're going to need a bigger car.

Two girls? Or two boys?

We're going to need our moms to come live with us.

The next ultrasound can't come soon enough.

I'm so tired.

As you can see, my mind is all over the place, but focused on one thing: babies. I blame the drugs the doctor prescribed. He recommended mixing ALL of my meds to help curb the nausea/vomiting. Phenegren + Zofran + Unisom = no clear thoughts.


  1. I have been dying to know what you're having too! You are totally going to rock this whole having twins thing. I sure hope you get some relief from the sickness. I feel ya, sister.

  2. Your lots sound pretty right on! I would totally be the same way. I hope you are actually feeling better with the meds though! I'm so excited for you!


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