Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gainfully Employed- Again

I got a job! THE JOB. The job I saw and thought: "I could work. I could support this family while Nathan finishes his degree."

After an 8 step hiring process, a personality and aptitude test, and four interviews- I got it! Nathan and I have been praying Heavenly Father would work things out for us and gratefully, He did. It feels so strange to have a career-oriented job, a 401K, insurance and all of these other adult things.

My job title is "Billing Maintenance Coordinator." Primarily, I will be responsible for the billing and accounting for SirsiDynix, a company that provides online library software to state governments, public libraries, universities, and international businesses and libraries. After speaking with the Chief Financial Officer, I was informed the company would even pay for me to get my Masters in Accountancy. How about that!?

Although I am excited, the job is somewhat bittersweet. Although it is a relief to have a stable, reliable income and the possibility of a rewarding future at this company, I feel sadness at the thought of being away from Eliza for eight hours a day. It's going to be hard. Thankfully, Nathan is around. He is going to be a full-time Mr. Mom. And to help him before classes (and for a sanity break), my dear friend Becca will watch Eliza a couple of hours a day when our schedules overlap. I love Becca. I trust her. So really, I'm not worried about Eliza. Mostly just me. Selfish, huh?

My mother worked full time when I was a little girl. I always missed her. I always wanted her. I remember standing on chairs in order to look out the window and watch for her car pulling into our driveway. Hopefully, that will never happen. The company told me if I ever wanted to go part-time, I could. Once Nathan finishes his undergrad at BYU, I am sure things will change. But in the meantime, I feel immensely blessed.


  1. Congratulations girl! I know it will be hard to be away from Eliza, especially so young, but just think of all the blessings you will be able to give her now. I'm so happy for you guys and that things have worked out.

  2. I know you'll miss Eliza, and Eliza will miss you, but DON'T YOU WORRY. She's going to have a blast with her Aunt Becca. I'm so freaking excited to watch her everyday. Looks like I have a great new job, too!

  3. Congratulations on the job! That will be a huge relief! And don't worry about Eliza. She knows you love her. and lucky, right now, she won't completely remember when she gets older. AND she'll have her dad and becca... Celia you are wonderful!

  4. That sounds so perfect. Congrats for being so awesome and getting THE job!


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