Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spirit Fingers

Over the past few weeks, I have grown accustomed to the dance moves and Portuguese songs Nathan exclusively performs for Eliza. However, never before have I seen my husband wiggle his fingers in front of our baby's face with arms fully extended.

I looked over at the pair a moment ago and witnessed this.

"Spirit Fingers? Really, Nathan?"

"What? She likes them! And it's not always Spirit Fingers when you move you fingers like that. It's only Spirit Fingers when your arm is raised. My arms were straight it actually looked more like I was casting a spell than doing Spirit Fingers."

Seriously. I shouldn't even post this, but I want to remember this moment in five to ten years.


  1. I was a cheeeeerleaaaaaaaadeeeeeeeer. I have Bring It On basically memorized. "These are not spirit fingers. THESE ARE SPIRIT FINGERS! AND THESE ARE GOLD!"


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