Thursday, January 9, 2014

Puzzle Plan Gone Awry

Nathan and I really enjoy doing puzzles. When I was pregnant with the twins, we would sit together and do puzzles for hours after Eliza went to bed. A few days ago, Nathan had a brilliant idea. He suggested that we buy a folding table, put it up at night when the kids were sleeping, and do our puzzles while watching our favorite shows/movies. The plan was to then move the table the safety of our room until we could resume working on the puzzle.

For a couple of nights, things went great! We watched Lord of the Rings and spent several hours starting a 1,000 piece puzzle.
 And then, disaster struck. Nathan left our bedroom door open without really thinking about the ramifications of his decision and the twins tore the puzzle apart. 1,000 puzzle pieces were all over the floor, our bed, our bathroom, and random other places in the house.
Lesson learned: Don't attempt to do puzzles until all of our children are teenagers and can resist the urge to rip puzzles apart. 

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