Monday, January 20, 2014

Eliza Recently

Eliza seems so grown up these days. She is great about helping me corral the babies and enjoys being given chores and responsibilities. She has been doing a fantastic job going to sleep since we implemented the "sticker system" and looks forward to earning her sticker every day.

This week, she was able to cash in her stickers and go on an ice cream date to our favorite ice cream parlor in Springville. She had a great time and loved the window paintings and bubblegum ice cream.

She loves playing dress up still and loves to make up stories with Ruby. I hear them pretending to be mermaids and princesses while they play with dolls, and I love that they are constantly using their imaginations.
Eliza still enjoys ballet and can't wait for her next recital. Due to Nathan's school schedule, she will only be taking one class this winter, but I think that is fine with her. She is also going to start a tumbling and dance class taught by a girl in our neighborhood, so she will be plenty busy!
And lastly, Eliza is still obsessed with a certain movie. Here's a hint as to what it is:

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