Thursday, October 25, 2012

I May Be Crazy

This is simple, yet effective.
Since we put this on our stroller a couple of weeks ago, no random stranger has approached us and touched our children (and their faces). I may seem like a control freak or germaphobe, but things had gotten out of control. When the boys went in for a check up at the doctor's office last month, six or seven different people touched their faces and hands. All of these people were sick or waiting with a sick child, and I couldn't find a polite way to ask them to keep their hands to themselves.

I hope I don't seem like a rude person. If I know you and you are healthy, you are always welcome to love on my little boys. I just don't want them to have RSV again, so I am doing my best to prevent any sickness! Thank goodness for this sign (even if it is a little passive aggressive and weird).

**I was reading the title of this post and this suddenly come to mind: 
"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my stop sign, don't touch my baby."
I can't decide if I am extremely lame or incredibly funny. I'm glad I can amuse myself on days when I don't feel well.


  1. where did you get that?! I need one for baby #2. I hate that too...I feel like feet are a safe option for people to touch (provide they're in socks or something). I HATE when complete strangers touch my baby. GERMSSS

  2. I'm with becca- when I go to the dr's I still sit in the newborn section just cause no one is over there and I can distance us from other kids. Also I have this mesh bug cover thing over his car seat which is effective at keeping out mosquitos and unwanted attention :) tho...I'll have to find one of those for when he's out of the carseat.

  3. I think that's brilliant. I might start giving them as gifts at baby showers!

  4. I don't think it's crazy. People seriously need to learn boundaries. It's funny though. I've never had an issue with people touching Anna, sick or otherwise. I think the differences is that your boys are much more personable and friendly, where Anna gives people this look of confusion as if to say, "Don't touch me. I don't know you well enough yet. There are rules people." Yes, her stares say all of that. :) People will spend more time trying to do the impossible and get her to smile more than anything else. Fools!

  5. i LOVE this sign, you are definitely not crazy or rude. i HATE IT when people touch luke and i never know how to stop it from happening. did you ever see Contagion? because i'm not normally a germaphobe but that movie scared the crap out of me.

  6. Haha I think it's incredibly funny. You were right. :) you need to sing that now, whenever it comes up. That's crazy that sick people are touching kids! I think if people actually thought about that one touch can turn into days and days of crying and/or puking for kids, they'd stop. I think people just forget and don't mean to pass germs. That's why a sign like that is smart.


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