Friday, October 12, 2012

Double Trouble

When I was pregnant with the boys, countless people said, "Twins!? Double the trouble!" Of course, I realized I would have two crying babies, two crawling babies, and eventually two walking babies. However, imagining the situation and actually experiencing the craziness of it all are two entirely different things.

This past week, Ezra and Elliott entered into the "I am going to try my best to walk and will explore the entire house regardless of where you put me" phase. They are opening cupboards, climbing up the stairs, pushing open doors, and causing me immense anxiety. With Eliza, I hovered constantly and made sure I was right beside her when she was first pulling herself up on everything and attempting to walk. This time around, I am unable to be a helicopter parent to both boys simultaneously. I find myself running back and forth between the two of them and doing my best to keep them away from hard surfaces, cabinets, and drawers. 

The majority of the day, we are downstairs or outside and things are child-proofed (for the most part). The trickiest time of day is dinner time. I feed the boys and then do my best to get dinner prepared before they demand to get out of their highchairs. Sometimes, I succeed. Every day this week, though, I have failed. They are no longer happy watching me cook; they want to be crawling. So, this is what I have to deal with during dinner time.


I'm thinking I'll start making dinner during their afternoon nap and just bake or reheat it a couple of hours later. I know it sounds weird, but I will be relieved once they are actually walking. At least then, I won't have to worry about them falling constantly. 


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I love how they are missing the same sock :) They both took the right sock off on their own!

    2. That was going to be my comment too. My kids have gone through most of life with one sock on. Also, kids are very durable. Let them explore. Just don't let them die.


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