Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A September Favorite

I was deleting some pictures from my iPhone and realized that I nearly forgot to document our trip to the local fair. Eliza had such a great time.

She enjoyed the elephant ears and especially the snow cones. She loves Tiger's Blood--just like her mom.

 When I told her she would have to share with Nathan and me, this is the face that she made:
Concern, sadness, and a slight look of brain freeze. I was fine with her eating as much shaved ice as possible due to the outrageous heat. That morning, it was slightly windy and the temperature was in the 70's. When we got out to the fairgrounds, it was ridiculously hot and our kids were definitely overdressed. Ezra and Elliott were in warm sleeper pajamas, which we took off immediately. Classy, right?
We also gave them ice cream. Nathan and I are going for parents of the year.
Before we left, Eliza had 10 minutes to play on the inflatable slide. She absolutely loved it. She has no sense of fear, so she went crazy jumping and bouncing. The video below is evidence of her daredevil tendencies.

We also tried to have her face painted, but the line was ridiculously long. The babies were crying, and we knew we couldn't wait 45 minutes (there was one face painter and 15 people in line). Fortunately, Nathan is creative and decided to take Eliza to Walmart and get some face painting supplies. I came outside after putting the babies down for their nap and saw this little face:
She was so happy! Eliza then insisted that we paint Nathan's face. Behold, our creation!
That's one happy customer! The two of them made a cute couple.
It was a good day! Eliza also managed to get some cotton candy (for the first time), which she gladly enjoyed the next couple of days. It was a nice souvenir. 


  1. There was an inflatable slide there??!! Okay, next year we're putting Noah on that thing. He loves them! Really cute face-painting pictures. :) how funny that we saw you guys too!

  2. looks like she'll be a future gymnast or something or those cheerleaders who get tossed up in the air :)

  3. That was a fun day. I so wish we had gotten snow cones! We did get some soft serve, but that would have completed it for me. Haha. The face painting is awesome.


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