Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How To Prune Your Roses

Eliza has developed a love for her grandmother's flowers. She loves to say hello to them when we are outside playing and always takes time to stop and smell the roses. A few days ago, she asked if she could have a flower inside like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

How could I say no?

First, we asked Cheryl if it was okay to cut a rose. Grandma said yes, so we found a pair of scissors and walked outside. Eliza insisted that she cut the flower herself and took the scissors as I watched her carefully.

Definitely intimidating.
 After closely examining each flower, she finally picked the lucky winner.

 She then cut the rose, and I brought it inside and placed it in a "vase."

She named the rose "Minnie" and has loved looking at it the past few days. It looks like we may have a future gardener on our hands.


  1. What a beautiful rose. Nice pick Eliza!

  2. I hope we'll be able to see it this weekend!

  3. She is so funny! I love the intimidating picture of her with scissors, peering over her glasses.


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