Monday, September 3, 2012

Elmo and Ernie meet Ezra and Elliott

I love Muppets. I love Sesame Street. I want my children to also love these things.

Eliza went through an Elmo phase, and it absolutely tickled me (hehe!). Sadly, Disney Princesses have left no room for Elmo these days. I'm hoping that Ezra and Elliott are our Sesame Street lovers. They already seem to be crazy over their Elmo doll.

A few weeks ago, I found a Baby Sniffles Elmo at Walmart on ultra clearance. He says the cutest little phrases and sneezes like he is sick. It is adorable. The toy retails for 20 dollars, but I got it for $3.50 thanks to the most crazy deals at our local store. I was pretty disappointed that there was only one left, but I thought the babies could share it easily.

And then one night, Ezra wanted Elmo to go to bed with him. The next night, Elliott needed Elmo.  Since then, the boys have been taking turns sleeping with the doll. The baby without little Elmo always cries when he hears the toy talking to his brother, and it made me feel so guilty for only having one! I was beginning to get desperate and even contemplated buying a second Elmo from Amazon for full price--see, crazy desperation!

Fortunately, Grandma came to the rescue. Saturday afternoon, she returned from Walmart with an Baby Sniffles Ernie. He says the same phrases and is incredibly cute, but I worried that the boys wouldn't love him as much as Elmo. We weren't sure how to divide the dolls, so Cheryl thought of a little game. She put the dolls at one end of the carpet and then put the boys a few feet away from the toys. Whoever got to Elmo (or Ernie) first got that doll. Perhaps we took this entire situation a little too seriously, but it was fun to watch the babies just stare at the toys and have no idea what to do.

Ezra reached for Elmo, and Elliott went for Ernie.

 And then Elliott decided he also wanted Elmo.

Poor Ernie.

So yes, no conclusive results yet.


  1. I LOVE BABY SNIFFLES ELMO. I almost weep when I hear his little sneeze. SO CUTE.

  2. Awwwww. I have a Baby Sniffles Anna right now. She's pretty cute, but ever so pathetic. :( Also, Danielle looks like she's giving Cheryl the Evil Eye in that picture. Haha. Oh dear. I hope a happy solution can be found for Elmo and the boys.

  3. Adorable! I love a good deal. :) The baby race is an awesome idea, and entertaining for everyone. Except apparently Danielle. ;) hehe


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