Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elliott's New Tricks

Today, Elliott did a couple of new things. First, he took a baby step on his own. He was holding onto the side of the couch and let go for a second, took a small step, and promptly fell. He is motivated to walk! He never figured out how to crawl on all fours, but I think he will skip that phase altogether. Ezra is still army crawling everywhere and doesn't seem too interested in pulling himself up to stand or walking. I love how they are interested in accomplishing different tasks already. Ezra wants to really crawl, and Elliott wants to stand all day.

Elliott's second trick involves posing for the camera. He may be only 9 months old, but he definitely knows what the camera is. We have done countless photo shoots with our children, and we have our camera out almost everyday. I find myself smiling at the babies often and saying, "Cheese!" with a grin on my face, hoping they will smile back at me.

Well today, Elliott smiled back. At first, I thought it was just coincidence that he immediately smiled after I said "cheese," but I then realized he was actually smiling. He did the same thing this weekend when I was documenting the Elmo/Ernie race, but I didn't think too much of it. Tonight, though, I couldn't stop taking pictures because it was so hilarious.

Here are a few samples:

Before I said "cheese"....
After I said the magic word...
Here are some more "cheese" pictures. All from tonight. 

 I could probably take a million. It is so darn cute.

Maybe he's telling me he wants to be in commercials or an upcoming sitcom. Perhaps I should find an agent. People love twins, right?


  1. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! And he will probably smile like that forever when someone says cheese. I have old pictures of me doing something similar and I continue to make the same face when someone says to smile.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love that "cheese" face. AWESOME!

  3. Identical twins make the best child actors because they can play one character to avoid violating child labor laws. Especially ones that can "cheese" on demand.


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