Friday, August 10, 2012

Sitting Up

Ezra and Elliott are finally able to sit up on their own. They hated their Bumbos and never seem interested in sitting at all. We have been helping them practice sitting and saw they were getting better at balancing themselves. Just a couple of nights ago, we decided to see how long they could sit on their own. We stayed close by and were excited with the results. Ezra lasted for a couple of minutes, and Elliott managed to stay upright for a minute longer.

Last night, we resumed the experiment. I could hardly believe it when they sat with no problems at all. We left them sitting on the play-mat with some toys while we prepared dinner. A few minutes later, Elliott was crying. He was still sitting up, so I wasn't sure why he was upset. As soon as he saw me, he reached up for me with both hands and his face said, "Mommy, help me!" He was stuck! Poor Elliott couldn't figure out how to stop sitting. Both boys love crawling all over the living room and into the kitchen, so he did not appreciate his mobility being limited.

Also, this was the first time either baby has reached for me with both hands (they usually look at me and cry for me), so it completely melted my heart. He knows me! He loves me!

Maybe figuring out how to move from sitting to crawling is the next milestone?

(And Ezra has two teeth, as of yesterday!)


  1. Ahhh! Every time I hear about these two doing something new, I get so anxious for Anna to do the same thing and keep up. I really gotta work on that patience thing. They are adorable! I'm so jealous that he reached for you! I live for the day.

  2. Those are 2 adorable boys you've got there! It's fun for me (a first time Mama) to see what I have to look forward to with my little one in just a short while.


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