Friday, August 17, 2012

Rub A Dub Dub

Bathing two 8 month old babies at the same time is tricky business. For the past few months, bath time has either been a two person job or occurred in shifts. With Nathan returning to school in a few weeks, I really wanted to find a way for me to bathe both babies at the same time without any help. I tried putting one baby in a mesh baby bath and the other in a typical, plastic baby bath, but I didn't feel like it was safe with two squirming little ones. Ezra and Elliott did their best to roll out of the baths and wanted to sit up, rather than recline.

Then, one of my amazing twin mom friends posted a picture of her two sons in these bath seats. Genius! 
I went to Amazon to check the pricing and noticed there were none in stock. In fact, the seats are no longer sold in most stores. I was pretty disappointed. 

A few weeks later, Nathan and I went to Seattle. While there, we went to a garage sale where I found one of the Safety First seats for only $1.00. It was a steal! Bath time became easier with one baby sitting in the chair, but I felt bad for the other boy who had to watch his brother play and splash while he was held in the water. I needed another one.

I checked Craigslist and called consignment stores, but found nothing. And then last week, when I had almost given up, my sister-in-law went to a children's store and found a second bath seat. It felt like Christmas. I really was that excited.

Ezra and Elliott love the bath chairs. They enjoy sitting up and happily splash around in the tub. I can bathe them alone and enjoy watching them play, rather than feeling stressed out. 
It is apparent that I am no longer fun to play with during bath time. Water is much more exciting. 


  1. Yay! That's so perfect! I'm so glad I randomly went there one day. Hooray!

  2. those look really cool!
    too bad their so hard to find :)

  3. oh and this is whitney nolden not cody...obviously...

  4. We have one of those two, and Caleb loved it. It completely changed bath time for us!

  5. We have one of those and loved it! It's in the attic right now though. We bought ours from Babies R Us. I wonder why they quit making them. Weird. Glad you were able to find two. They are amazing. :)


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