Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One of A Kind

Yesterday, my mom sent a box full of presents for Eliza and the boys. She found the cutest outfits on mega clearance and knew all of our children were quickly outgrowing their clothes. It felt like Christmas as we emptied the contents of the small box (which had been expertly packed to capacity by my brother).

Eliza clapped her hands in delight as I unfolded a couple of pink dresses and colorful shirts. She "oohhhed" and "ahhhhed" when I handed her a headband and bracelets.  I let her know the clothes were an early birthday present and she kept saying, "Happy Birthday to me!" She couldn't wait to try on an outfit. She put on a dress and accessories and ran outside.

Living in Othello, it has been extremely hard finding clothes for our growing kids. Walmart is the only place to buy anything, so the clothing options are extremely limited and often cleared out (there are currently no 4T clothes for girls there....at all). These clothes were cheaper than Walmart prices and infinitely more adorable. Eliza has reached the age where she cares about what she is wearing, so it was exciting to see her happy about her clothing options.

Today, she tried on everything. Most of the afternoon, she wore two shirts at the same time because she couldn't decide which one she wanted to keep on.

As I watched her parade around the backyard and definitively display her charismatic personality, I was reminded that Eliza is her own little person. She is unique, and she is wonderful. She surprises me daily with her independence, spontaneity, and intelligence. There is no one else like her.

Although Ezra and Elliott are identical twins, they too are one of a kind. There is only one baby who laughs like Elliott or giggles with a scrunched up face like Ezra. Although we adore having twins, we treasure the individuality of our boys.  Despite appearances, they are unique and loved singly. For this reason, I couldn't stop smiling when I pulled matching "one of a kind" shirts out of the box of clothes. My mother knows me so well.


  1. Love the pics of Eliza! Especially the 2nd one and the close up!

  2. I buy my kids' new clothes online, usually from Crazy8, Gymboree, or Children's Place. Sign up for their email lists and get email coupons. I just bought 6 pairs of jeans, 6 pairs of shorts, 6 shirts, a skirt, and a pair of shoes from Crazy 8 for about $100 shipped. They are a spin-off Gymboree company so the quality is about the same. I also like Lands' End and LLBean, which have easy returns, great sales, and great quality.

    I buy a lot of my kids' clothes from consignment shops. I bet you'll find some great ones in Portland.

    I love that picture of the boys, and Eliza's glasses are TOO cute.

  3. Oh Othello...crazy WalMart. Seriously, no 4T clothes? I need to get on FaceTime with you and go to Target and you can tell me what you want. :) I was just at the mall last night and saw really cheap cute stuff at Children's Place and Crazy 8. When they have sales, they're about as cheap as the thrift store. That is so sweet your mom sent you all that great stuff! The boys look so sweet as usual (can't wait to see them!) and each of those pictures of Eliza were SO cute and funny and sweet. I kept going, "Look at this one!" to Ben. At every picture. :)

  4. Oh my, Eliza is ADORABLE! You wouldn't think it possible, but those glasses make her look so mature. And the boys are especially cute with their red hair coming in. Oh I could just eat them all up.

    I am going to agree with Lauren here on the clothes. I buy a lot of my stuff online. I usually shop Children's Place, Crazy 8, and Old Navy. I like Old Navy right now because their jeans fit both my short skinny kids the best. And if you sign up for coupons and then shop their sales/clearance, the prices aren't that bad and you get good quality clothes. Good luck web shopping. :)

  5. My favorite picture of Eliza is the fourth one down. She's so spunky. Those onesies are AWESOME! That's so nice of your momma. There really should be more variety in that Walmart.

  6. So cute! I love Eliza's new glasses so much, and I completely adore that last picture of the boys (especially the pretty quilt! Isn't that silly? I LOVE noticng other people's quilts...)


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