Thursday, March 8, 2012

This is Me

It's fun to get dressed up for pictures and look cute when we snap the occasional family photograph. The last time this happened was the day the babies were blessed. Since that day, I have not put on make-up. I have not worn "real" clothes (I live in pajamas and yoga pants). I have showered maybe twice a week.

We're still in survival mode around these parts. So yesterday, when a friend asked me how I was doing, I did not hesitate to snap a photo of myself in order to illustrate what I was currently doing. This was what I sent:
"Nursing Ezra. Holding Elliott. Working*. Watching Bubble Guppies. Throwing Goldfish to Eliza. Living on the couch. Living the American Dream. (Also, Facebooking and sending you this photo)."

Sometimes motherhood isn't glamorous. Sometimes, my coloring isn't so great. I like to think of this as my "in the trenches" portrait. In a few short months, I am sure I will look at this and laugh.

Won't that be great? :)

*I still work from home part time as an English tutor for an online college. I love that I work only 2 hours, four days a week. I hate that I spent those two hours yesterday teaching a woman how to use Google. Really. I did.


  1. I am sending positive encouragement via the universe.

    I am also sending extreme annoyance via the universe in validation, that's frustrating.

  2. I totally hear ya on the practically never showering. The only reason I showered today was because of our 3 week appointment with Ginger (i.e. I had to actually leave the house and hadn't showered since Sunday.) Honestly, I think you're probably the most amazing mom. Talk about multi-tasking! Feeding one baby, while holding the other, while working and watching Eliza. Seriously, that doesn't happen.

  3. You are totally amazing! You will be back to your normal self before you know it, and then you have the rest of your life to look fantastic. Besides, you have natural beauty. You don't need makeup. :) Also, showers are overrated. Just ask Nathan.


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