Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So You'll Pay Me for My Garbage?

The past few weeks, Nathan and I have been decluttering. Parts of me blame the episodes of "Hoarders" and "Clean House" I have watched recently, but mostly, I just want to get rid of the things we aren't using. For instance, we had six leather armchairs (which were awesome) left over from the cafe days. They were outside getting ruined, so we decided just to get rid of them. This soon snowballed out of control as I began selling item after item on KSL (the online classified website in these parts that is far less sketchy than Craigslist).

X-box? Do we use you anymore? Do we play Rockband still? Sadly, no. SOLD.  Does Nathan need his old IKEA loft bed? I hope not. Suddenly, we're $200 dollars richer.

Dog cage (I found at DI for Toby for 5 bucks) sold for $45. Who knew those things were so expensive? My friend Julie. She told me: "Don't give that away! You can make 40 bucks!" So I did. Other dog kennel for flying sold for $20. Dog fence sold for $40. And it just gets better.

So, in two weeks, Nathan and I have sold over 30 items on the classified items. Our highest seller was Nathan's old Fender electric guitar.
It went for $200 in seven hours.

Second place goes to Nathan's bike I bought at a yard sale for $80. He was sadly too tall for it.
I sold it for $150 after some minor repairs.

But, my best sells were the stroller I found for free and sold for $20 and the IKEA highchair I bought for $5 and sold for $60.

I'm addicted. It's so much fun to get paid to get rid of old stuff and to make money garage sale-ing. Yes. That's a verb in my vocabulary.


  1. Ty said, "Silly girl. That's not a bass." I'm taking no sides. Haha.

    Way to go with the makings of monies. You're so awesome. I think I'm going to have to give that a try. That is, if my hoarder husband will let me get rid of anything.

  2. Ha! I thought the same thing about the guitar. Not a bass... I would have bought it. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to want electric guitars and drum sets so I can buy them and play them when they are not home...

    We do that all the time. Buy something used. Re-sell it later for more than we paid. I did that with just about all Ben's baby stuff: swing, high chair, bouncy seat, car seat, etc. Chris did that with a Segway. He was like, "I want a Segway." I was like, "Go for it, as long as you can sell for as much as you paid." He rode it for a few months and sold it for a few hundred more.

    It's a little addictive. I haven't done it since we got to Atlanta, taking a buying/selling break. Plus, Atlanta doesn't have as good of a craigslist as Virginia and Seattle.

  3. Haha. I updated it! It no longer says "bass" instead of "electric." Thanks for showing me the error of my ways :)

    Also, Chris had a Segway? That is pretty awesome. Good thing he sold it before the CEO rode one of a cliff this past weekend. I'm sure that didn't help the resell value.

    And you can always get away with reselling things a little higher than what you paid if you are patient. I love it!

  4. You're brilliant! I'm impressed with the profit on the high chair! I think how you word things in your ad helps too. You probably wrote some enticing sales pitches. :) I've clicked on a few ads promising "vintage" or "rustic" things which are instead just "disgusting." It makes all the difference. :)

  5. that bike is beautiful! i'm kicking myself right now for not seeing in sooner!

  6. This is so inspiring! I am excited to try this with our furniture!


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