Monday, September 6, 2010

Eliza is One

Eliza is a big kid today...well, a bigger kid at least. Her first birthday consisted of a trip to IKEA to purchase lovely gifts and a small joint party with her birthday buddy, friends, and family. It was pretty wonderful.

And then we came home. Eliza refuses to eat or sleep due to the discomfort of teething. Nathan just put her back into bed for the fifth time, and I believe she is finally sleeping. The past few nights have consisted of fevers, vomiting, constant chewing, and crying. Poor thing. I hope her second birthday brings less teeth (or no teeth at all).

On a positive note, I will post all the cute pictures and adorableness of today as soon as I have the energy. Must...


  1. HOW IS SHE ONE ALREADY?!?!? Happy birthday to her!

  2. Poor girl. What a day. I hope she feels better. Get some rest mommy. With all teething, I'm sure your exhausted. Love you guys!


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