Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Will Not Cry At Work

For the past few days, I have constantly been on the verge of tears. I work with Federal government agencies and library institutions whose fiscal year ends October 1. This means I have countless customers calling me with questions regarding their library software and billing statements before orders can be completed. If I somehow drop the ball, that means someone isn't going to be paid, which is not a good thing. I have worked 10-12 hour days and it still isn't enough. Someone always waits to the last minute, it seems. Needless to say, things have been crazy.

Then today, a government contractor proceeded to lecture me (when I was right) about the error of my ways and how he, as a librarian, knew "how to pay attention to details"...unlike me. So. I did the mature thing and was extremely courteous, even though I wanted to punch him in the face, and told him I would, of course, correct these errors of mine. I then sat at my desk and silently cried for 20 minutes. FUN. At least my coworkers are accustomed to my emotional outbursts by now, so I received no awkward stares or questions.

After willing myself to not have an anxiety attack, I left the office before this gentleman called back (as promised after he let me take a break to "think about things" AKA "how wrong I was") and headed home. Some things can wait, right?

As I drove home, the best feeling came over me as I realized Eliza would be waiting for me. She did not disappoint. I opened the door and she ran to me as fast as her wobbly legs would carry her. Motherhood is the best job I'll ever have.

I know many of you have seen this video, but I watched it when I came home and immediately had the spiritual, emotional boost I needed for the rest of the day. I love it.


  1. Don't you know you're not allowed to write posts that make me weepy? Okay, I'll forgive you, but only because I love you! I'm so sorry you had such a hard day and that people are big jerks sometimes when they are in the wrong and can't see it. However, I'm glad that Eliza made everything better! That's actually the first time I've watched that video because I always thought it would be too painful to watch. Despite that, I thought it was lovely. I love our church!

  2. Oh thank you for posting that video. I just love it, even though it definitely is painful to watch because I can't help but cry! I hope things are better at work tomorrow and that you will get to work normal hours again soon!

  3. I promise not to be a DB librarian/information professional. The end.

    PS: If you need a translation of DB, email me. ;-)

  4. I am sadly good at sending hate vibes. I hate that man, and hope that he sees the error on his part as the librarian cannibals who eat arrogant, indignant and ugly professionals in their field are gnawing on his flesh.

  5. Yep, made me cry too! I love that video. I am so sorry you had a hard day. Apparently that guy was having a hard day too, and hopefully he realizes it's not cool to treat people like that. I remember a few times I cried at work, which is especially difficult when you're around 6 year olds and attempting to teach. So difficult. Hopefully today was better!

  6. I always cried at work. Your job sucks. I know it, you know it.

    You better not be putting in all those extra hours for free. If you are, I am going to come to Utah and beat some sense into you. And don't do it just so I come to Utah.

    love you.

  7. My kids RUN to Christopher when he comes home from work and I've always wanted them to do that for me. I'm glad you had Eliza waiting to give you love. Hope next week is better.


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