Monday, September 13, 2010

Eliza the Lollipop

After reporting Eliza's stats from her one year check up to Nathan, he affectionately referred to her as a little "lollipop" him. She is tall, skinny, and has a larger head. Nathan is convinced her proportions hindered her walking, stating: "I'd be really hard to balance if you were really tall, skinny, and had a big head."
Although she was in the 95th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for head circumference, Eliza's weight is only in the 50th percentile. However, our pediatrician wasn't concerned. It seems as though most doctor's appointments consist of making sure your child is safely cushioned somewhere in an average percentile and otherwise normal in outward appearance (but that is an entirely different post).

In other news, Eliza decided it was time to walk today. She woke up, I put her on the floor, and she just stood up as if to say: "I'm ready to do this now." And then the rest of the day, she was my little sidekick. I walked to the bathroom, she walked in behind me. I went to the fridge, she was almost hit by the door. I opened the washing machine door, and she was beside me, trying to get inside before I even knew it.

Hearing little baby feet on the floor is the cutest sound in the world....especially when it is followed by a happy giggle and not a thud, crash, or cry.


  1. Oh my gosh, lollipop! How cute is that?! She's so cute, following you around. Adorable.

  2. Haha. A lollipop is a great similarity. I can't believe she's a full-blown walker. Aaahhh! Watch out!

  3. Oh I love when babies start to walk, until you realize that they then can get into everything! haha Enjoy the new milestone. She is adorable.

  4. Wow! has it really been a year and now she is walking?! Congrats! She is a doll!!


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