Friday, January 18, 2013

Walking With Confidence

Ezra and Elliott have mastered walking. They love visiting Great-Grandma Robbins because they can practically run up and down the hallways of the nursing home. All of the elderly residents love to see cute little babies walking around, so it's a win-win situation.

Here is Ezra:
And Elliott:
In addition to walking, Elliott also learned how to climb yesterday. According to my parents, I was a little monkey. My ability to climb came in handy due to my father's disability. He couldn't lift me into the crib, so he would ask me to climb in--and I would. My grandmother loves to tell me this story, and my mother confirms that I was an awesome baby (just so everyone knows). Unlike their mother, Ezra and Elliott both try to climb out of their cribs (never into them), and I am legitimately worried Elliott will figure out how to escape one night. Today, he crawled up onto the brick fireplace and jumped into a laundry basket.

I'm in trouble.

Also, I love my kids. I don't know if I say that often enough, but they make me so insanely happy. It's been an incredibly rough week, but their goofy antics today reminded me how incredibly blessed Nathan and I are.

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