Saturday, January 26, 2013

Utah, Utah, Utah

We're here!

And we're homeless!

Well, we're not actually homeless, but we have no place of our own just yet. Thankfully, we are blessed with some pretty amazing friends who had a number of empty rooms we could use for the week. We had other friends offer for us to stay with them, and we feel incredibly fortunate to know so many amazing people. Nathan and I have been nonstop house-hunting, and we know we will find the perfect place sooner or later. In the meantime, we are going to rent. We cannot wait to unpack all of things and have a good routine here in Utah.

We miss Othello. We miss our friends, our church, and our family. Eliza is really missing preschool, playdates, and lunch trips to Burger King with our friends. The twins miss all of the extra attention from Grandma and Grandpa. Life is different.

Fortunately, we have In-N-Out milkshakes and fries in Utah to drown our sorrows in.


  1. Ohh Celia, I know, moving is hard! Every time we move, I hate to leave the friends in that city. I'm so excited for you guys though! Hopefully you find a house you love soon!! Hang in there! Love you!

  2. Eat some In-N-Out for me. That's one of the places I miss the most.

  3. Cheers to In N Out! Did you recognize any one there? Good Luck finding a place to live! Also, welcome back!

  4. I miss you guys so much! I bet Eliza is so glad to FINALLY be in Utah. Haha. A trip is definitely in order. Hopefully, it will work out for us to come in April.

  5. Did you see the tip floating around for homeless people today on the internet? You use the last of your money to buy a gym membership, because then you can always have a place to shower and a locker to store your stuff in. And if it is 24 hours, you can even sleep there if you can fall asleep while appearing to work out. Just a tip for you.


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