Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moving Debacle

Our condo was supposed to close December 15th. Things weren't ready by then, so our date was moved to December 31st and then to January 15th. Well, the documents we were waiting on were not ready until this morning. Today is the 16th.

We missed our closing date deadline by ONE DAY. 

Because we were buying a HUD home, there were pretty strict deadlines and a number of hoops to jump through. It has been incredibly stressful, but we were told everything would work out and we would close in time. Alas, that was not the case. Our loan officer was 12 hours too late. I cannot even believe it. After three months of planning and countless hours on the phone with our lender and realtor, our family is homeless. 

I'm trying to see that there could be something better for our family. The reality is that envisioning something better is pretty difficult. The condo was a steal, and it was a dream. Becca and Kyle live in the complex, I could see Eliza's future school from the window, and the neighborhood is quaint and friendly. It was everything I wanted. We've lost our earnest money and the money we spent on extension fees--but even worse than that, I feel like we have lost the perfect home. We are heartbroken. 

Of course, I know there are worse things that can happen in life. Nathan and I are still incredibly blessed. He has been living in Provo without us for the last two weeks (which has been a struggle of its own), and we just assumed he would move our possessions into the condo and come and get us. Thankfully, my friend Julie has been nice enough to let us park our trailer in her driveway and our wonderful realtor, Stephanie, is determined to find us a better home.

I'm sure in a few months, I will understand why this happened the way it did. Right now, though, I am really hurting. I miss Nathan, and I am sad that I don't have much to look forward to. Where do we go from here? 

Fortunately, my friends and family are supportive, positive, and encouraging. They know just what to say to lift me when I am feeling down. Some friends also know just what to bring over:
Thanks, Jason and Natalie!


  1. I just feel sick that about this house business. I so wish that it would have gone smoother. While I'm always happy to have you closer longer, but this is too much. I love you guys and we will keep you in our prayers!

  2. I literally teared up reading this. I was wondering if there was an update, but this is not the update I was hoping for. SO sorry! Keeping you guys in my prayers!

  3. Oh man, that is so frustrating!! I'm so sorry. :( I think you have the right perspective though: eventually you'll look back and see that the timing and everything is just right. We lost two short sale houses before we got this one and it's SO much better than the two we lost. Now I'm glad those other ones didn't work out. Hang in there, my friend!!


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