Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Nutcracker

Tonight, we went to the local production of The Nutcracker. One of Eliza's cousins was dancing, and Cheryl and I thought she would enjoy the performance. For the first hour, Eliza hardly moved as she watched the ballerinas dance. She was absolutely mesmerized. (The second hour, she became somewhat delirious with fatigue because she was up way past her bedtime.)
She couldn't stop asking questions about the various costumes and dance moves. Her favorite parts were the Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Waltz of the Flowers.
Afterwards, we made sure to take a picture of Eliza and her cousin Isabelle. Eliza was starstruck.
 On the way home, she asked if we could build her a stage so she could perform a dance of her own. She said she needed ballerina shoes and a tutu immediately. I think we have a future ballerina on own hands...


  1. We took Atticus to a kids Nutcracker show. It was only an hour but he looooved it. He is starting ballet lessons this month at our community center, I am probably more excited than he is.


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