Sunday, December 9, 2012

Double Trouble-- Now Understood

Two toddlers.

It's crazy. You should see our house.

Now that Elliott is walking and Ezra is climbing into everything and opening any door he can find, I am constantly in motion. There are two sets of stairs in the house and only one baby gate, so I often find myself grabbing a giggling Elliott from the stairs and then rescuing Ezra when he gets to the second step and suddenly becomes terrified. The boys have learned how to escape the little barricade I made in our playroom, so I am scared to leave them for any amount of time (even if it is just to cycle the laundry). My arms ache from constantly lifting them and moving them to safety. Recently, their favorite antics include crawling behind the couch together, leaning on the bathroom door at the same time (this somehow causes the door to open), and opening the spice cabinet and taking out every single container (and no, this cabinet cannot be baby proofed). 

They are definitely a team. However, every partnership has disputes. Elliott is fascinated with eyelashes and tries to pull Ezra's anytime I am changing his diaper. I have to use a leg to keep Elliott away from Ezra's face and then try to wrestle Ezra from escaping at the same time. Both boys hate diaper changes because they would rather spend their time doing something interesting. 

When it comes to toys, Ezra can be fairly possessive. They have a hard time sharing certain toys, and I often break up baby fights. Elliott is fairly calm if Ezra steals a toy, but Ezra loses it if Elliott even looks at his toy. It's pretty funny. Ezra is particularly fond of the Camelbak water bottle we have. Nathan left it on the floor one day, and Ezra drank half the bottle. Fortunately, we have several bottles, so Ezra never has to part with his beloved blue Camelbak. He cries when anyone else has it.

Although our days can be pretty hectic, it is amazing to see how close the babies already are. They look at each other and burst into laughter, they reach out for one another when eating, playing, and taking baths, and they really are an inseparable pair. I love how they open doors together, play with the tupperware side by side, and take on any new obstacle (like figuring out how to steal Eliza's glasses off her face) as a team. 

They have a built in best friend.


  1. Ohh their little faces are the cutest!! And their cowlicks are just like Noah's. Right around 1 year, Noah's "bangs" went right to a point in the middle of his forehead. :) Hey, you know you could use one of the fridge babyproof clip things for that spice drawer. Although you're moving soon...But it clips on the front and side of a fridge. Or an oven clip. So you could just connect it to the spice drawer and the island. Maybe? I don't know if that would work or you've already tried it.

  2. Haha. They are little stinkers! I keep thinking that our barricade for Anna will be able to keep her in, but you never know. Those boys have got skills! They are so inquisitive. I'm going to miss them when you move. It's just not fair I tell you!

  3. this makes me laugh, mine are into everything too and we call them twinadoes! they make messes everywhere they go. beckett is very much like your elliott - he doesnt mind sharing and is pretty laid back - and aiden is definitley like lik ezra! if beckett takes his toy he has a 5 minute meltdown. good thing they all have their twin brother to balance it out, right!!

  4. Gavin said yesterday, "I want a brother who is MY AGE!" I said, "Sorry you weren't a twin, dude."


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