Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I'm Excited About

1) Thanksgiving
2) Black Friday
3) First Birthday Party!
4) Moving to our new home in Utah!

There are so many good things in the horizon for us. November is going to be a fantastic (and crazy) month.

I've already planned our Thanksgiving meal, created a Black Friday list, and started on the packing. The invitations for the boys' birthday party are done, and I think they they are adorable.
(Sorry. You can't have my address and phone number unless I know you :) )

Bring on the rest of the party planning! (Nathan can finish the packing)


  1. Luckily, most of your stuff is already in boxes so that eliminates a lot of packing. That was the nice thing about moving to Kennewick from Othello. Everything was already put away.

    I'm so excited about Thanksgiving and the boys birthday. I can't wait for the cake! Not so much for Black Friday though, but we'll see.

  2. So adorable and I can't believe they're ONE!!! Can't wait for you to be close to me. I neeeeeed to squeeze those boys!

  3. Number 4 brings up a whole other list of awesome things to look forward to.

    1. We are going to party ALL the time. Think of all the dates you guys can go out! Eliza and Ruby will basically cancel each other out. I may never send her home.

  4. I can't believe they are turning 1!

  5. I can't believe the boys are turning 1 already!!! Wow!!!

  6. Number 1 should be YOUR birthday and it even keeps things in the right order. You have 5 things to be excited about!

  7. Wait... you're moving to Utah?


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