Sunday, November 4, 2012


A couple of days before Halloween, Eliza, Cheryl, and I visited Great-Grandma Robbins at the local nursing home and went reverse trick-or-treating.
We went room to room and handed out little bags of candy to the residents. Eliza would knock on the door and promptly say, "Happy Halloween!" She was so cute, and the people there loved having a visitor--especially a cute little girl.
I've said this before, but I love going to the nursing home. The older men and women light up when they see small children and it makes every trip meaningful. I almost cried when one lady gave Eliza a huge hug and thanked her for being a little princess.
Eliza understood that this night wasn't about her and was fine with not receiving any candy herself. Things were different on Halloween night, though. She was so excited to attend the trunk-or-treat at our church. She, of course, went as Cinderella and the boys went as missionaries!

I was brainstorming ideas of things that are cute in couples and suddenly thought: "They could be missionary companions!" We simply sewed fabric onto onesies for the ties, bought a pair of black pants, and made missionary tags. I printed the tags on name badge labels because they were a lot cheaper than iron on paper. It was an inexpensive costume that they can wear to church again in the future. I thought they were pretty adorable.
Nathan and I didn't dress up. I've been sick for two weeks, so I am using that as an excuse. Trunk-or-treat was a success, and Eliza got a ton of candy.
As we were leaving, Grandma Robbins called and let us know that no one had come to trick-or-treat at the nursing home.  Understandably, the people there were pretty disappointed. I told a few friends about the situation and before we knew it, there were several families and a room full of children running down the halls of the nursing home. Several men and women were waiting by the door with bowls full of candy, hoping to see some children. Eliza was their first trick-or-treater, so they made sure to give her plenty of goodies. It was a great evening and yet another reminder that we will miss Othello and the people here. We are really fortunate to have so many wonderful friends. 

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  1. That's such a sweet idea to take treats to the nursing home. I bet they loved it! Those boys are going to be the cutest missionaries ever someday! Also, what is Eliza's face all about in that last picture? Haha.


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