Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ezra's Latest Trick

Someway, somehow, Ezra learned how to click his tongue. The sound is loud...and utterly fascinating for an 11 month old. At first, he would look around the room as if someone else made the noise. Then, he realized he was the one capable of making such a sound and was thoroughly pleased with himself. Nathan thought it was cute and immediately reinforced the skill by clicking his own tongue. Now, the two of them have their own little language (or inside joke).

I love this video for two reasons: 1) I love that Ezra so obviously loves Nathan  2) I love how Ezra spreads his arms and triumphantly screams the last 3 seconds.


  1. Awwwww! I love doing this with Anna. She smiles instantly. Ezra clicking like a pro. Also, Elliot has a cute little nakid baby bum. ;)

  2. Cool trick, Cool trick! Hey Celia! I haven't been keeping up on the internet lately, so I just now caught up on your blog and I love it. I'm excited to get to know Ezra and Elliot better. I'm so glad that when you guys moved away forever it didn't actually turn out to be forever. I'll see you soon!


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