Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the Great Hunt Begin!

Growing up, Easter egg hunts were always a big deal. My grandfather was a pastor, so he and my aunts were always in charge of the church's massive Easter celebartion. My cousins and I would spend all day dying dozens and dozens of eggs in preparation for the Easter festivities. After the last egg hunt, we would have contests to see who could throw an egg the furthest or who could hit certain objects with a colorful egg (i.e. stop signs, statues, cars?? eek).  My cousins, the boys at least, would even hold a competition to see who could eat the most eggs. No lie. They would remove the dyed shell and eat as many tainted as eggs as they possibly could. I remember the white of the egg was always a purplish hue, regardless of what color the egg had been dyed. Of course, our parents were never happy about any of these events.

Keeping those thoughts in mind, I opted to buy plastic eggs for Eliza's first Easter egg hunt. After our church cancelled its Easter plans due to weather, we decided to have a small celebration indoors. We invited a couple of Eliza's friends over and had a wonderful time.

Happy Easter!

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