Monday, March 7, 2011

18 Months Already?

Eliza is 18 months old today. Sometime during the last month, I realized she is no longer a baby; she has become a little girl. She sings little songs, speaks her own toddler language, and even uses sign language when she wants to get her point across. She has her own opinions regarding food, television programs (ALWAYS Yo Gabba Gabba), and activities. She enjoys picking out her shoes and finding ways to reach the Oreos we've hidden out of her reach. She tells us "no" when we offer her undesirable treats and told me "don't" when I went to kiss her one morning (heartbreaking, I know).

When we go on walks, we can see her processing her surroundings and trying to make sense of everything outside. If Eliza had her way, she would stay outside all day. She will bring us her shoes and jacket and then walk to the door, as if to say: "C'mon!!" She loves seeing dogs, watching birds, and pointing to everything. She refuses to be pushed in her stroller and toddles about the neighborhood with us at her side. Nathan took her on a walk a few weeks ago, and Eliza refused to come back home. So, the two of them walked 8 blocks until she finally grew tired of their adventure.

Every day is exciting as Eliza learns new words and becomes more expressive. She can count to three (which she associates with being tossed in the air by Daddy) and point to her belly button when we ask her to. Those are two of her cutest accomplishments. Her vocabulary grows daily. While I was working last week, Nathan let me know Eliza said "tree," "people," and "dog" on their walk. And yesterday, Eliza said "church" and "Jesus." She has the sweetest little voice. I love it.

And lastly, Eliza is obsessed with her baby blanket. I have to find ways to sneak the blanket into the washing machine without Eliza noticing. Yesterday, her blanket needed an emergency wash. I put the blanket into the washing machine, while Eliza screamed and cried in anger. I felt like the worst mother ever. She looked at me, as if to say "how could you!?" and stared at her little green blanket swirling in the washer. I went to put clothes away in our room and came out a minute later to see Eliza sitting with her blanket. She had somehow opened the door to the washer and pulled out her coveted blanket. Now that is determination. She was even angrier when I put the blanket back inside for a second time. I think it is adorable that she loves her blanket so much, but worry she might be too attached. I slept with my baby blanket until an age that is too embarrassing to divulge, so I can only hope she doesn't follow my footsteps in that aspect of her life :)

Eliza is a happy baby, and we are blessed daily by her presence.


  1. I still sleep with a baby blanket! Beat that amount of craziness! Okay, it's one of Noah's blankets, because mine fell apart and I'm just used to having it under my head. Pillows aren't comfy enough. Anyway, your kid is a full blown toddler now! I'm impressed with her talking skillz. :) What a cutie.

  2. I miss her! How did she get so big?! Not okay.

  3. I love this post! I can definitely tell she is related to her cousin Evan too. Evan was obsessed with outside when he was this age. We swore he thought Grandma Rowena's name was "outside" because that is always what he would say to her. "Outside" and "shoes" were two of his earliest words, and Grandma Rowena spent a couple of weeks with him when I went back to work. I can't believe how long ago that seems!

    Please try to record a video and upload it of her sweet little voice because I haven't really heard it. :-( I still like to watch the little videos I captured of Evan starting to talk and communicate. She is definitely so much like you, and I know she is a sweetheart although a very independent one! Happy 18 months, Eliza!

  4. Oh man, she's cute! I LOVE that she managed to pull her blanket out of the wash, it's very impressive.
    She knows what she wants, and how to get it!

  5. wow! 18 months? and yes, i hate to tell you, but i still sleep with my baby blanket... my husband is wonderful and humors me. And i plan to sleep with it til the day i die (or it disintegrates... not sure which will come first!) :o)


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