Friday, November 5, 2010

Eliza and the Snail

A few weeks ago, my friend Tina and I found this rocking snail at a yard sale.

It was in perfect condition and only $5.00! When I got home and saw the item retailed for $80.00, I was tempted to sell it.

But after seeing this happy face:
And then remembering this lovely creature from one of my all time favorite childhood movies: 
 ....I didn't have the heart to part with it. The rocker stays, and Eliza loves her racing snail.


  1. THE RACING SNAIL! I love that movie! Eliza looks so excited. So cute. I'm glad you didn't sell. :) Also, you should update Eliza's picture blog. She looks WAY different. Haha.

  2. oh so cute!! I want to find abby one of those, but I do not have your yard sale luck! I did see a rocking horse at one today for $30 bucks....yuck! Let me know if you see anymore! Santa is cheap at our house :D


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