Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

For Valentine's Day, we went to Albuquerque to see Nathan's brother Josh and family. Cheryl and Rex, Nathan's parents, were also visiting. The weekend was lovely, and Valentine's Day dinner was splendid (see pictures below for proof). My sister-in-law is amazing.

The trip was well worth the 9 hour drive. Eliza was a champ and slept the entire way!

Over this holiday, a few truths were reaffirmed for me.

1) There is really nothing better than staying at home, resting in bed, and lounging around all day in your pajamas. Now that's relaxation.

2) Family is a wonderful blessing.3) I love ice-skating. Go ahead and judge me.4) I'm the most competitive person ever and shouldn't be allowed to play sports/games with people I love. I am such a sore loser.

5) E.T. still scares me. He was Nathan's little avatar while we played Wii. It freaked me out.6) I enjoy not working.

7) A GPS is worth every penny.

8) I love Nathan. I'm glad we're a team.


  1. holy cow the table is incredibly beautiful... i wish i were that much of a creative perfectionist! Jealous! It looks like a wonderful Valentine's day!

  2. Aww Happy Valentine's Day! Let's figure out a time in the next month or two to meet in Othello for a weekend! These guys of ours need to hang out! And us too! Is it starting to get creepy that we haven't met? hahaha (that could be a nice laugh or an evil one. you decide)

  3. Wow! Lori is amazing! Was the fruit in a pastry or is that White Chocolate I'm seeing? Yum either way! You're so cute! Also, I enjoy figure skating myself.


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