Sunday, August 11, 2013

What We Do When Grandma Comes To Town...

Before Grandma Homa came, Eliza suggested that we make her room extra clean. I already had plans to intensively clean, so that was fine with me! Once we were finished, Eliza insisted that I take a photo of her "pretty pink room." She is pretty proud of her big princess bed (AKA my old bed that we decided to make her "toddler" bed).

 Once Grandma arrived, the party began! Ezra and Elliott were pretty excited to show their Legos, dumptruck, and puzzles to a new friend.

And, of course, any visit from Grandma means a trip to Chick-fil-a! I will use any reason as an excuse to get Chick-fil-a :)
 We also did some shopping together, which is always fun because Nathan absolutely hates shopping. Grandma got a new movie for the family (my childhood favorite!), a Jurassic Park shirt for me, and a couple of dresses for Eliza.

Nathan and I introduced my mom to In-N-Out, and she definitely approved. How could anyone not like In-N-Out?
 We showed off the cute Polo jumper we found at a garage sale for only a dollar (because Grandma appreciates cute Polos and Nathan doesn't) and played outside with chalk.

The boys then introduced Grandma to our neighbor, a horse they lovingly call "dog."
 Eliza showed off her artistic abilities and drew a picture of Ruby and herself. Grandma was impressed.
 Last, but not least, Grandma was able to meet baby Jane.
It has been a busy but incredibly fun week. We are going to miss my mom when she goes home!


  1. I'm so glad I got to meet your mom again. She's lovely. :)

  2. Awe, Aunt Homa looks so happy playing with her babies! She reminds me a lot of "Grandma Rowena" here. So glad she had a chance to come out and see her babies.


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